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7 Crystals To Get Your Spiritual Journey Started.

crystals to start your spiritual journey

First of all, welcome to Feathern Twig’s post on Crystals to get your spiritual journey started. Feel free to have a look around, we are all family here. About a year ago we started our spiritual journey and granted we are still learning every day about the likes of Wicca and Paganism. 

There are 7 crystals that everyone should have in their life to help enhance their life in many different ways to luck, protection and health as well as many many more. When working with your crystals you have to charge them for at least 24 hours after purchase, this is what we here at Feathern Twig have learned from personal experiences. 

Crystals to get your spiritual journey started – BUY NOW!

7 Chakra Natural Crystals
Purchase these very crystals right now! 
Crystals to get your spiritual journey started

We also have a 7 Crystal Chakra wand for you to purchase which is absolutely stunning. It’s completely magical and unique style makes for a very custom addition to any witches collection of crystals. 

Healing Crystals and Stones
Crystals to get your spiritual journey started

Crystals are great for healing and keeping out evil or unwanted spirits from your home. A handy tip is to put a rose quartz cluster on your window sill to prevent spirits from entering. 

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